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Support AES

Support AES

We are very grateful for the support of our generous alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Your gifts help us maintain the excellence that is part of our legacy in AES.

The discussion on this page pertains largely to support from individuals. Although if you have a company donations to AES are also accepted by the methods described below. Corporate giving and interaction with AES is more fully described elsewhere on the AES web.

Personal engagement with AES can take many forms. You might want to connect AES to your company to help your company better know the full story of AES. Employer relations in general in the college are handled, and very well handled, by our Employment Services office - better know simply as The Center. Contact Garth Motschenbacher, Director of The Center, or for specific AES information contact Jon Sticklen, Director of AES. 

You might want to engage by working in the context of our AES Alumni Board if you are an alumnus of our program. Click here to go to our web pages devoted to our alumni base. 

But if you are interested in making a gift to AES, then read on... 

As the amount of state support has come down, MSU tuitions have necessarily had to go up. One of the effects has been to put more pressure on our students, and on their families. We would like to support more students on partial scholarships. We have two purposes in targeting almost all gifts that come to the program at student support: 

    • First, we want to recognize strong potential for high scholarship and for past strong results.  About 10% of AES historically maintain a 3.8 GPA or better. This is a remarkable achievement and should be rewarded. AES students also engage beyond the classroom to develop and hone their own leadership capabilities, and we definitely support that path as well. 
    • Second, we want to support those students who otherwise could not continue with their studies. 

So, we want and need to support student scholarship that are either scholarship or need based - and for some AES students, they rank high on both proven scholarship and financial need. 

The College of Engineering has a very efficient and effective Development Office that is the college point for giving to the college and the programs in the college, including AES.

AES has two general targets for your charitable gifts:

    • the AES Discretionary Endowment Fund
      • The AES endowment fund primarily targets scholarships for AES students. This is a typical academic endowment in which funds received today go into a fund, and only a set percentage of the fund may be used in any given year. The percentage is dependent on market conditions and amount to the interest that the fund monies earn.
    • the AES Current Needs Fund
      • The AES Current Needs Fund is an expendable fund. Which means that all monies put into this fund in a given year must be expended in that year. Again AES targets gifts that come in to this fund almost exclusively to student scholarships. 

The synopsis of these two targets for your AES giving is this:

    • The endowment fund should be the target for you if you want to give funds for the long term future of the program. As the endowment funds build AES will have a growing endowment that will provide sustainable funds. The endowment must grow substantially to meet needs for scholarships in AES.
    • The current needs fund should be the target for you in you want to give funds to meet scholarship needs for current students. Particularly in economically difficult times the current needs fund should be considered. 

There are four general methods you can use to donate funds to Aes:

  • Cash Donations or Pledge for Future Donations
  • Credit Card / Online Gifts
  • Planned Gifts
  • Gifts of Stock

To make a cash donation or pledge for future funds to AES

Get a copy of the gift pledge form from: http://www.egr.msu.edu/files_egr/u5/pledgeform.pdf

The first line reads: 

I/we wish to support ____________________ by making a gift in the amount of:_________.

Fill in the first line with one of:

AES/Endowment Fund

AES/Current Needs Fund

There are levels of pledge that entitle you to become a member of one of our donor societies. For details on that see the Pledge page of the Development Office.

To give a gift to AES online using your credit card

Go to the online form maintained by MSU at https://www.givingto.msu.edu/gift/index.cfm

Select ENGINEERING from the pull down. 

A pop up window will come up showing all funds in the College of Engineering. To give to AES, select one of: 

Applied Engineering Sciences Discretionary Endowment Fund

Applied Engineering Sciences Current Needs Fund

To give a planned gift to AES

These are gifts which are generally larger and involve substantial details. Please contact Jon Sticklen, Director of AES to open a discussion about a planned gift to AES. Dr. Sticklen will open the communication lines between you and the College Development Office to help you start the process. 

To make a gift of stock to AES

Stock gifts also involve a number of details that require direct engagement and explanation by the College Development Office. Please contact Jon Sticklen, Director of AES to open a discussion about a stock gift to AES. Dr. Sticklen will open the communication lines between you and the College Development Office to help you start the process.

Contact information for making direct inquiries to Dr. Sticklen or to the Development Office are both below.


Jon Sticklen
Office of Development
1415 Engineering Building
College of Engineering
Michigan State University
2463 Engineering Building
East Lansing MI 48824-1226
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1226
Phone: (517)  353-9844
Phone: 517-355-8339
Fax: (517) 432-1356
Fax: 517-353-9405

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